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I would never touch another brand.
Karla-Therese Kjellvander

Welcome to Uppström Guitars

Uppstromguitars build custom made guitars ordered from Sweden and abroad. Uppstromguitars also do repairs, renovations and restorations of quality instruments. Only materials of best quality are used. Here you find some products from the workshop.

Fresh from Uppström
8-stringed baritone inspired by Taylor. The sides are made of Brazilian rosewood, the back of Brazilian rosewood and curly maple ant the top is made o…

Gibson L5
Alto guitar
Model Baritone
Mod Gibson Les Paul
Bolin model

The last weekend in august is the time for Eksjö Stadsfest. A bunch of great bands in the unique wooden town – could it get any better? Of course. For those of us in to quality guitars it´s a great oppurtunity to say hello to Uppström Guitars. We will …