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About Uppström Guitars


Anders Uppström, Swedish luthier. Anders was born 1967 and is the son of the pianist Tore Uppström (1937-2006) and the music pedagogue Ingalill Uppström (1939- ). He graduated as cabinet-maker in 1987 and later took a college degree in Industrial Wood Technology in 1995. In 1997 Anders graduated from Carl Malmstens Verkstadsskola (CMV, guitar academy) in Stockholm with a diploma and a qualifying piece of work. The qualifying piece of work, an 11-stringed alto guitar was tonally evaluated by the professional guitarists Per-Olof Johnsson and Göran Söllsher. The work was rewarded with a silver medal, which is the highest recognition a qualifying piece of work can get for guitar construction.

With scholarship from the Royal Musical Academy, amongst others, Anders got the possibility to work as a journeyman in Nuremberg, Germany (1997-1998) at Master Luthier Max Strohmer. Since 1999 Anders lives and works in Eksjö, in the south of Sweden.

Bolin model
Mod Gibson Les Paul
Model Baritone
Gibson L5
Alto guitar